Saturday, May 22, 2010

Ziggy's Journey: The Beginning

Ziggy Liberated was a terribly fun year-long project, a reinterpretation of Ziggy's strips from a philosophical, usually humorous, perspective. (The uninitiated can find a complete explanation here and read the complete archives from April 2008 - May 2009.) I've often felt that I did some of my best writing for Ziggy Liberated, as it served as a goofy springboard for some pretty far-out ideas and jokes. It certainly helped that analyzing Ziggy in such depth was inherently funny!

From now on I'll be doing something new. Rather than analyze each Ziggy strip individually I'll be pulling Ziggy into his own unique adventures, which will give me an opportunity to explore some more heady, metaphysical concepts. Ziggy's Journey will be a more serious, introspective project, though I certainly won't be ditching the humorous element or more Carrollesque tomfoolery.

Unfortunately the blog format posts everything in reverse order (the newest post will always be at the top of the page). So here's how I recommend reading Ziggy's Journey:

- Start with the most recent unread episode (say, the first one) by clicking on that episode's direct link (the title).

- After reading the episode click on the "Newer Post" link near the bottom of the page, thereby advancing to the next episode. When that link is no longer available, you've reached the most recent episode. It's as easy as not doing dishes!

I hope you enjoy this - I know I will.

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