Saturday, May 22, 2010

Episode #4: False Dilemma

You have a vividness, wandering one, that sweeps beyond your hairless frame. . .

Ziggy's envoy told him this without speaking, giving his mind the meaning of its message without deigning to any form of structured language. Even in this entirely surreal setting Ziggy knew that this creature (if he could call it a creature) was no construct of his mind but the promise of his roaming, a necessary stop before the Something New that he sought began in earnest. Thus he felt no need to pressure the pace of their conference, and said nothing.

In this infinite vacancy there stood none but Ziggy and his envoy, whose gaze never wandered from Ziggy's face. Eventually this began to make him uncomfortable, upon which the creature's eye (if it was an eye) began to wander and rove in the typical human manner, almost as if a matter of courtesy.

You will pardon me this, for I see the matter and the form of things, as you do. Yet in matters of the edges and dimensions of things my sight is less complete. I can tell you now that my eye will remain focused on the spot of your leaving for a full hundred thousand years after you are gone, until such time as I see you again.

Which leaves us the matter of your
pursuance. While your journey is not ending, I can promise you nothing - only that I shall see you again. I can offer you the route but nothing else - only the promise that we will meet one last time before you die, if that word means anything here.

So I am here compelled to offer you a choice - no! I fear that you have misunderstood me. You cannot go back - that way is already closed. You have survived the void - an unnatural thing which cannot happen again - and all ways are forward to you now.

And the way appeared.

The choice is simple, and, I fear, an entirely unfair one. As long as you stay here, the forces that have protected you thus far will continue to do so. However, you will be unable to leave and I will have broken my promise. Or. . .

It looked toward the gargantuan now-opening door which Ziggy approached vigilantly, before entering the frame and turning to regard his erstwhile companion, which only stared at him quietly.

He went through.

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